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Your engagement session is full of choices. What do I wear to my engagement session? Where should I do my engagement session? Taking time to prepare for an engagement session can maximize the quality of the session and the images that your photography produces. Careful consideration of outfits, location, time of the day and props are all advised.


Engagement Session Location

It’s all about location. Location, location, location. Location will determine the look and feel you want for your engagement photos. It will determine the backdrop and the style. In general, it is safe to budget one location per one outfit change for each hour. If you want to shoot in multiple locations, budget one hour per location.


Engagement Session Hours of Coverage

Our engagement sessions are 90 minutes in length. This is perfect for one location and 1-2 outfits. If you would like to do more then 1 outfit or more then 1 location, we recommend that you add time to the session.


What do we wear? What looks good and what does not photograph well?

Avoid plaid patterns and stripes. In general, solid colors go best. We advise our clients to dress up. For men, suits (no tie or tie), shoes or loafers, belts, watches, etc photograph very well. The key is the fit. All of the clothing must fit very well. No loose or baggy pants or loose shirts. For women, dresses photograph the best. Consider a white, solid dress and high heels. Feel free to accessorize! Watches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces – accessories photograph well.


Will you give us posing direction?

What if it rains during my scheduled engagement session?

If it rains, we will reschedule. Ultimately we want sunshine. We use sun in a variety of ways to light our clients and it’s important that we aim for good weather. We have, however, photographed engagement sessions in blizzards and rainy weather, and we love going out in any weather, as long as it’s ok with our clients.


What time of the day is best for my engagement shoot?

Early morning or later afternoon, an hour or two after the sun rises or goes down is best. The sun is lower on the horizon and the light is warm and soft and is the most flattering.  We highly recommend our clients take advantage of these great times of the day.


Pro tip – bring your dog.


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